OCOH Fund Annual Report FY21-22: Table of Contents

San Francisco voters established the OCOH Fund in 2018 to increase housing and services for people experiencing homelessness. The Fund supports four service areas: Permanent Housing, Mental Health, Homelessness Prevention, and Shelter and Hygiene. This report provides information about the City and County of San Francisco’s (City’s) implementation of services over the first two years of the OCOH Fund, including how much the City spent, how much capacity the Fund added to the homelessness response system, types of services added, and the number and characteristics of households served.

For an overview of all Fund spending and services, view the Executive Summary. For additional details about specific service areas, view the service area pages for Permanent Housing, Mental Health, Homelessness Prevention and Shelter and Hygiene. Return to this page to navigate to each section of the report.