Inspection Services Key Documents

Key forms and documents for Inspection Services


Fill out this form to request a:

  • Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (or an extension)
  • Place of Entertainment
  • Massage Establishment (DPH)
  • Police Permit/Second Hand Dealer
  • Fire Permit Inspection
  • Off-hour inspection
  • Re-inspection
  • Pre-application/Survey inspection
  • Subpoena service
  • Permit extension

Request a plumbing inspection before 7 am or after 4 pm, via email.

Fill out this form if you required to have special inspections in addition to inspections performed by the Department of Building Inspection. Refer to instructions and a sample report. You can also download a list of recognized special inspection and testing agencies.

Information about physical inspections for Condominium Conversions.

Minimum requirements to TCO consideration, and how to apply.

Complete one affidavit for each building. Carbon monoxide alarms are required on all floors with fossil-fuel burning appliances, and above and below floors.

How to extend an "ISSUED" permit

How to renew an expired permit

Title 24 Energy Inspection - Final compliance letter submittal process

Form 3/8: Application for Building Permit           Use this form to submit permit renewal requests.

                                                                                         For additional instructions see "Renewing a Building Permit"

Permit to Operate Boiler ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​