Reopening guidance for hotels and lodging

Documents you need to open hotels, hostels, and short-term rentals for tourists during the pandemic.


Action required: Complete and post a Health and Safety Plan from this fillable PDF.

Action required: Complete and post this Social Distancing Protocol.

Action required: Give this handout to all guests before checking in at a hotel, hostel, or short-term rental.

Tips developed by the Department of Public Health.

Guidance about ventilation from the Department of Public Health, for businesses, offices, schools, faith-based and similar organizations.

Health directive about best practices for lodging facilities, like hotels, hostels, and short-term rentals.

The Shelter-in-Place Order that states what activities are allowed and prohibited during the COVID-19 emergency.

General requirements

Encourage guests to book rooms only with people they already live with. Visitors to rooms are not allowed. 

Limit physical contact between staff and guests. Encourage people to park their own cars and use the stairs. Remove vending machines.

You can screen guests for COVID-19 symptoms when they come in.

Everyone in a hotel lobby, elevator, or common area must stay 6 feet apart. 

Indoor gathering areas must remain closed. These include:

  • Indoor fitness centers
  • Indoor pools, hot tubs, and saunas
  • Indoor dining facilities
  • Ballrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Business centers
  • Lounge areas

Hotels must reserve at least 5% of rooms as a COVID isolation rooms, if they host guests who are COVID positive, are sick, or are close contacts.

Save contact information for your guests for at least 3 weeks. If a guest gets sick later, the City of San Francisco can help close contacts get tested.

Short-term rentals must be for an entire home

Do not book lodging for one room, if there are others already living in the home.

More information

Health screener you can use with your guests and workers.

Download signage to print yourself, or get printed posters.

See detailed guidance for outdoor sports facilities, if you have them.

See detailed guidance for personal care services, if you have them.

Find SF vendors who sell face masks, hand sanitizer, and other protective equipment for your employees.

See general information about operating a business during the pandemic.

See business guidance from the Department of Public Health.

More languages

See health directives and plans in various languages.