Reopening guidance for gyms and fitness centers

Documents needed to reopen indoor and outdoor gyms during the pandemic.


Action required for indoor gyms: Complete and post a Health and Safety Plan from this fillable PDF.

Action required for outdoor gyms: Complete and post a Health and Safety Plan from this fillable PDF.

Action required: The Health Order requires that business post certain signage for their customers during the coronavirus pandemic. This poster meets all of the signage requirements for indoor gym and fitness center operations. It is in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino.

Action required: Complete and post this Social Distancing Protocol.

This guidance for indoor gyms and fitness centers was developed by the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) for use by Gyms and Fitness Centers. 

Tips and FAQ for outdoor gyms.

Tips and FAQ for outdoor fitness classes.


See this guidance in 中文PilipinoEspañol.

Guidance about ventilation from the Department of Public Health, for businesses, offices, schools, faith-based and similar organizations.

Health directive about best practices for indoor gyms and fitness centers.

Health directive about best practices for outdoor gyms and fitness centers.

The Shelter-in-Place Order that states what activities are allowed and prohibited during the COVID-19 emergency.

General requirements

Operate as much as you can outdoors. 

Limit the number of people. We allow 10% normal capacity inside each individual room, or however many people can be inside while safely physically distancing for the activity (whichever is less). 

Personal trainers can work one-on-one with customers. They must stay 12 feet apart when doing cardio or weight training. Personal trainers can be 6 feet away when no cardio or weight training is being done.

Close lockers, showers, saunas, climbing walls, and childcare facilities. Do not let children under 18 into the gym. Customers can only go inside the locker room to use the restrooms. 

You can set up a reservation system. You can also reserve a space or time for older adults, or others who may be more at risk.

Screen customers for COVID-19 symptoms when they come in.

Set up physical distancing based on activity

Set up cardio and weightlifting equipment at least 12 feet apart inside. People will be breathing harder while using them. Equipment for stretching, or outdoor equipment can be set up 6 feet apart. 

If possible, place equipment so customers are facing away from each other when using them. Provide sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer at each station. Customers must disinfect equipment before and after they use them.

Do not hold indoor cardio classes.

Disinfect all high touch surfaces and equipment regularly.

Outdoor services have other requirements

Follow state and local regulations. Do not block streets or sidewalks. You can apply to use the sidewalk, parking lane, or a private lot for your business.

You can set up tents outside. Make sure air can flow freely. No more than one side can be closed.

Limit the number of people in the outdoor space, so everyone can stay 6 feet apart at all times. There is no other capacity requirement for outdoor gym use.

More information

See reopening guidance for holding outdoor fitness classes.

Daily health screener you can use with your customers and workers.

Download signage to print yourself, or get printed posters.

Find SF vendors who sell face masks, hand sanitizer, and other protective equipment for your employees.

See general information about operating a business during the pandemic.

See business guidance from Department of Public Health.

More languages

See health directives and plans in various languages.