About us


Voters created the Small Business Commission (SBC) in 2003 to help small businesses in SF by:

  • overseeing the Office of Small Business (OSB)
  • reviewing laws and policy matters
  • giving our feedback to the Mayor, Board of Supervisors, or other City departments.

Our mission

To equitably support, preserve and protect small businesses in San Francisco. We provide high quality direct services and programs, drive practical policy solutions, and serve as a champion for San Francisco’s diverse small business community.

Small Business Commission Seats

SEC. 4.134. of Article IV outlines the qualifications of Small Business Commissioners: 

The Commission consists of seven members. The Mayor appoints four members of the Commission; the Board of Supervisors appoints the remaining three members. All commissioners serve for four-year terms.

At least five of the individuals appointed to the Commission shall be owners, operators, or officers of San Francisco small businesses. One of the individuals appointed to the Commission may be either a current or former owner, operator, or officer of a San Francisco small business. One member of the Commission may be an officer or representative of a neighborhood economic development organization or an expert in small business finance.