Part of Committee on Information Technology (COIT)

COIT Budget and Performance Subcommittee

The Subcommittee gives funding recommendations on technology projects.

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    Meeting during COVID-19

    All meetings will be held virtually until further notice. Meetings will be streamed via WebEx.

    Members of the public may use the email address to sign in to WebEx if needed.



    Public comment in meetings

    To offer public comment during a meeting, use the phone number and access code provided for each meeting.


    The COIT Budget & Performance Subcommittee is composed of technology and financial staff from across the City.


    Ken Bukowski
    Deputy City Administrator
    Sailaja Kurella
    Acting Purchaser and Director, Office of Contract Administration
    Todd Rydstrom
    Deputy Controller
    Ian Hart
    Deputy Director, Finance & Administration
    Human Resources
    Sally Ma
    Budget Analyst, Mayor's Office
    Michael Liang
    Chief Information Officer, San Francisco Public Library
    Crispin Hollings
    Chief Financial Officer, Sheriff's Department
    Tajel Shah
    Chief Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer-Tax Collector
    Rene Leedeman
    Acting CIO
    Jillian Johnson
    COIT Director