SF Emergency Operations Center urges continued vigilance ahead of Labor Day weekend with ongoing COVID-19 and wildfire threat

While 80 percent of San Francisco’s eligible population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, we encourage our community to remain vigilant during Labor Day weekend and the coming weeks as we continue to navigate the current virus surge.
September 03, 2021

While 80 percent of San Francisco’s eligible population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, we encourage our community to remain vigilant during Labor Day weekend and the coming weeks as we continue to navigate the current virus surge.

Even though we have made remarkable progress in the fight against COVID-19, the variants continue to pose an ongoing threat to the health and wellbeing of our community, in particular the unvaccinated population which include children under the age of 12. Now that schools in San Francisco have started in-person learning again, staying vigilant to ensure the safety of our children and school staff is now more important than ever.

“As we celebrate the holiday weekend, we urge everyone to take reasonable safeguards against COVID-19. That means showing proof of vaccination where required, wearing masks in indoor public settings, getting tested if you are exposed or develop symptoms, and staying home if sick. Have a great time, just do it as safely as possible,” says Dr. Grant Colfax, Director of Health.

The San Francisco Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and the Department of Public Health (DPH) proudly support and encourage Labor Day Weekend events and celebrations. Still, the public is advised to remain vigilant and proactive by following all public health recommendations we know work to stop the spread of COVID-19. A few reminders to help you safely enjoy a well-deserved holiday weekend:

Proof of full vaccination now required at many indoor businesses.

  • The City is doing this to protect the community and to keep our businesses OPEN. Where does this apply?
    • In indoor settings where food or drink is served, like bars, restaurants, clubs, movie theaters.
    • Fitness establishments where people are exercising, like gyms and yoga studios.
    • Any event where food or drinks are served (unless it’s in your home), such as a wedding reception or memorial service.
    • Large indoor events with 1000 people or more, regardless of food or drink being served.
    • In these places everyone 12 and older will need to show proof of vaccination with a valid photo I.D.
  • Forms of vaccination proof include a valid photo I.D. and
    • Original, copy, or photo of your CDC COVID-19 vaccination card
    • or documentation from a healthcare provider
    • or personal digital COVID-19 vaccine record issued by the State of California found at
    • or similar documentation issued by an approved company
    • or personal digital COVID-19 vaccine record issued by another state, local, or foreign governmental jurisdiction
  • Businesses are required to check vaccine status, which also includes matching the name on the vaccination record to the name on a valid photo I.D.

Masks required indoors, regardless of vaccine status.

  • Face coverings are still required when you are:
    • Seeking healthcare (including any waiting rooms)
    • Inside a K to 12 school, childcare facility, youth sports, or other youth setting
    • Jails
    • Homeless shelters, cooling centers and emergency shelters
    • Long term care facilities and adult and senior care centers
  • Face coverings are still required when you are:
    • Traveling: on public transportation (or waiting for it when indoors) and driving or riding in a taxi and rideshare
  • Some people may be exempt from wearing a required mask when indoors, like:
    • Children under 2 years old must not wear face coverings. They might suffocate.
    • Children 2 to 9 years old must wear face coverings for in-person school, youth programs, and childcare programs. In other places, they must wear face coverings if they can.
    • Children 10 and over must wear face coverings, like adults do indoor public buildings.
    • If you have a physical, intellectual, or developmental disability that prevents you from wearing a face covering, you do not have to wear one.

Proactive health measures are critical in the fight against COVID-19.

  • Outdoor events and activities are your safest bet!
  • If you received a vaccine that requires two doses for full vaccination protection, get your second dose as soon as you are eligible. "Full Vaccination" means two weeks after your final dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Please consider getting vaccinated over the holiday weekend if you can. Ask your health provider for more information or visit to find a site near you.
  • To avoid disrupting celebratory plans, everyone should still carry a mask to wear as needed or if required, and proof of full vaccination with a valid photo I.D.

If travelling this weekend, check local area warnings, guidance, and rules before leaving home.

  • The CDC does not recommend Labor Day weekend travel for people who are not vaccinated.
  • Due to devastating fires impacting Lake Tahoe and nearby areas, please avoid travel in these directions. Keeping roadways open for evacuees, emergency responders, and critical resources.
  • Do not attempt to travel to these areas this weekend and in the coming weeks.
  • For sensitive groups, poor air quality could impact their outdoor activities and home ventilation options, such as keeping windows open. It’s important to monitor air quality, please visit

The City and County of San Francisco remains steadfast in proactively responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure a safe San Francisco for all. While we continue to follow emerging data and science on COVID-19, health recommendations may continue to be adjusted. In the meantime, the City has set up a dedicated hub for residents, visitors, business owners and employees. Please visit to find helpful information and resources.

Visit or call 628-652-2700 for vaccination information and sites. For other upcoming vaccination events, please visit