Press Release

San Francisco Performance Scorecards Relaunched

After two years, the Controller’s Office has published updated performance data on public services that are provided by the City and County of San Francisco.
August 09, 2022

The Controller’s Office is pleased to announce that the San Francisco Performance Scorecards have been relaunched and updated with new data for the first time since early 2020.  

Scorecards are easy-to-understand dashboards, available to everyone, that show how San Francisco’s government is performing in nine service areas: Public Health, Livability, Safety Net, Public Safety, Homelessness, Transportation, Environment, Economy, and Finance. Scorecards are color-coded so users can see at a glance whether the City is meeting a target, close to meeting a target, or needs to make more significant progress toward meeting service goals. For each service measured (for example, the length of time it takes the City to fill a pothole, or how many meals are delivered to seniors) the scorecards display how selected departments are performing compared to the targets they’ve set. Scorecards provide a high-level view of how well City services are performing, but also the ability to drill down to details about specific programs that the public cares about most. The goal is to provide citizens and policy makers with information that makes government more effective while delivering the best results for taxpayers.

Since 2003, the Controller’s Office Performance Program has coordinated the collection and reporting of performance results for all City departments to monitor the level and effectiveness of public services provided by the City and County of San Francisco. Controller Ben Rosenfield stated, “I’m very pleased that we’re able to relaunch this important piece of work after much of our core performance monitoring and data visualization work was put on hold during the City’s COVID-19 response. Providing transparency into government services has always been a mission of our office, but I think the health emergency of the last few years has highlighted just how important trust and transparency are in times of crisis, and in transitioning to recovery. What we gather and analyze is shared with City leadership so that they can make the best possible policy decisions about how to deliver services efficiently to residents.”

To export the raw data and build your own customized visualizations, visit the City’s open data portal.


The Controller’s Office will be releasing the following data products in the months ahead:


Fall 2022: Street and Sidewalk Standards

Preview our new survey data about cleanliness and maintenance of the City's streets and sidewalks (covering January–April 2022).


Fall 2022: Park Maintenance Standards

Explore annual maintenance ratings of every local park in San Francisco and see how they compare.


November 2022: FY22 Annual Performance Report With Interactive Data

Review performance results and service delivery targets for all City departments.


Spring 2023: City Survey

Learn what San Franciscans think about our City


March 2023: Street and Sidewalk Standards

See the results of our surveys conducted throughout the City during the year to glean the condition of our streets and sidewalks.