Public service announcement: Update on indoor masking requirement in City hearing rooms

Beginning April 25, masking will be recommended, but not required to be worn during meetings in public hearing rooms in City facilities.
April 22, 2022

San Francisco, CA — Beginning on April 25, masking will no longer be required to be worn during in-person meetings in public commission or board hearing rooms in City facilities. Individual members of the public and employees who wish to continue to wear masks in indoor settings are encouraged to do so.  

Indoor masking is no longer required in City Hall and City facilities beginning on March 18, 2022, except for in public hearing rooms while in session. Starting next Monday, indoor masking will not be required, but recommended, in in-person public meetings.  State and local health orders continue to require indoor mask wearing in certain high-risk facilities, such as hospitals, health care facilities, jails, and congregate living facilities, regardless of vaccination status. 

The City Administrator’s Office will continue to work with City departments and state and local health officials to monitor data regarding COVID-19 cases and transmission. Should local conditions change, masking requirements and other health precautions may need to be re-imposed.