Outdoor gyms allowed under new health directive

Customers must wear a face covering and stay 6 feet apart. Reopening businesses must have safety requirements in place.

New health directives allow for more services to operate. 

These businesses must have a Social Distancing Protocol and a Health and Safety Plan. Both plans must be in place before the business can reopen. See all guidelines for operating a business during the coronavirus pandemic.

Gyms and fitness centers can operate outdoors

All equipment and exercises must be outside. All equipment must be set up 6 feet apart. 

Patrons can use the equipment on their own, or participate in an outdoor fitness class. 

What customers can expect

Check your health before you go out. If you feel sick, stay home.

We recommend using your bathroom at home before you go out. Lockers and showers will be closed. 

You may need to bring your own water or towel.

You must wear a face covering during the entire time you’re at the gym. You will be asked to leave for that day if you don’t wear something that covers your mouth or nose.

Everyone must stay 6 feet apart. Use hand sanitizer before you go into the gym space. You must disinfect equipment before and after you use it.

If you want someone to spot you, you should bring someone you live with. You should not ask gym staff to spot you.

Gyms and fitness centers must follow guidelines for physical distancing and hygiene

Follow state and local regulations. Do not block streets or sidewalks. You can apply to use the sidewalk, parking lane, or a private lot for your business.

You can set up tents outside. Make sure air can flow freely. No more than one side can be closed.

Limit the number of people in the space, so everyone can stay 6 feet apart at all times. You can set up a reservation system. You can also reserve a space or time for older adults, or others who may be more at risk.

Set up equipment at least 6 feet apart. If possible, place equipment so customers are facing away from each other when using them. Provide sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer at each station.

Disinfect all high touch surfaces and equipment regularly.

See detailed guidance

Reopening guidance for outdoor gyms from the Department of Public Health.

General guidance about operating a business during the coronavirus pandemic.