Offices, outdoor bars, indoor fitness classes, and other activities allowed as SF moves into Orange Tier

All patrons must wear face coverings. Reopening places must have additional safety plans in place.
March 24, 2021

An updated health order allows for more activities to reopen. All facilities must have a safety plan in place, before they can reopen.

Everyone will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms before they enter the indoor space. See what to expect when visiting a business during the coronavirus pandemic.

Non-essential offices can reopen

Offices with 20 staff or more can open at 25% normal maximum capacity, including in conference rooms. Offices with fewer than 20 staff can operate at more than 25% capacity, if everyone can stay 6 feet apart. 

Staff should still work from home if possible.

See guidance for offices.

Some activities in indoor family entertainment centers can reopen, up to 25% capacity

Activities that can be played within your own household groups are allowed. Examples include bowling alleys, mini golf, and pool halls. Each group must stay 6 feet apart.

Concessions are allowed, following indoor dining rules. Diners must be in a separate room, or 12 feet away from others.

See guidance for family entertainment centers.

Indoor recreational facilities can reopen to 25% capacity, up to 100 people

Up to 16 people can play or practice the sport at once. 

You can play or practice an activity on your own or with friends, if you can stay at least 6 feet from each other. (12 feet if you’re breathing hard.) Such activities include:

  • Badminton
  • Bowling
  • Curling
  • Dancing without contact
  • Gymnastics
  • Ice skating
  • Physical training
  • Swimming and diving
  • Singles tennis and pickleball
  • Track and field

You must be part of an organized program, or a formal league to play sports where players are often closer than 6 feet.

See guidance for indoor recreational facilities

In-person dining has increased capacity

Bars, breweries, wineries, and distilleries without meal service can reopen outside. 

Indoor dining is allowed now at 50% capacity for each up, up to 200 patrons total. Indoor dining service must stop by 11 pm.

Takeout, delivery, and outdoor dining are still available. All are safer options than indoor dining. 

Although, all in-person dining has some risk. You’d be gathering unmasked with others. We urge you not to dine in-person for now if:

  • You are older and unvaccinated
  • You have health risks and are unvaccinated
  • You live with an unvaccinated person who is older or has health risks

Everyone must wear face coverings, except when actively eating or drinking. For instance, you must mask up when your server approaches your table to take your order.

See guidance for restaurants.

Gyms can operate indoors at 25% capacity for each space, up to 100 people

Indoor fitness classes are allowed. Each room can have up to 25% normal maximum capacity, up to 100 people, as long as everyone is physically distanced for the activity.

Locker rooms and showers can reopen with ventilation requirements. Saunas, hot tubs, and steam rooms must stay closed.

Outdoor pools can increase to 50% capacity for swimming. Water aerobic classes may reopen outside.

See guidance for gyms.

Other activities with increased capacity

Indoor movie theaters can increase to 50% capacity, up to 200 patrons. Concessions are allowed, if moviegoers only consume them while at their assigned seat. See guidance for movie theaters.

Personal care services can increase to 50% customer capacity indoors. See guidance for personal care services.

Indoor retail can increase to 50% customer capacity. See guidance for indoor retail.

Indoor museums, zoos, and aquariums can increase to 50% customer capacity. Coat check and interactive exhibits can reopen. See guidance for indoor museums.

Indoor places of worship can increase to 50% capacity. Singing, chanting, and playing wind or brass instruments are allowed if performers are 12 feet apart. See guidance for places of worship.

Outdoor film production can increase to 50 people.

For higher and adult education, indoor classes and on-campus libraries can reopen at 50% capacity, up to 200 students.