Press Release

New Interactive Dashboard on San Francisco Government Citywide Performance

The Controller’s Office has published updated performance data on all City departments in a new interactive format to help monitor the level and effectiveness of public services provided by the City and County of San Francisco.
December 15, 2021

The Controller’s Office is pleased to announce that as of today, the City’s FY21 performance data is available to everyone through DataSF — San Francisco’s open data portal — in an easy-to-use interactive dashboard. Since 2003, the Controller’s Office Performance Program has annually coordinated the collection and reporting of performance results for all City departments to monitor the level and effectiveness of public services provided by the City and County of San Francisco. We publish and share this information with City leadership to help deliver services efficiently and support public policy making.

We heard from readers that they wanted to connect directly with the data to understand it better or use it in their own reporting. With this new data set and dashboard, any user can view, download, or query performance data for over 800 metrics from departments across the City. For example, looking at the Public Library, users can toggle through different strategic goals — like providing access to innovative information services — and then view the specific measures associated with those goals over different time periods. Users can click through data covering four fiscal years beginning July 1, 2017 and ending June 30, 2021. Most City departments also provide estimates or targets for two fiscal years into the future beginning July 1, 2021 and ending June 30, 2023. Results for July–December 2021 will be added in the spring of 2022, and results for the full fiscal year (i.e., July 2021 through June 2022) will be published in the fall of 2022.

“I’m tremendously proud of Controller’s Office staff who were deployed to serve in San Francisco’s COVID-19 response for nearly two years. That deployment meant that our performance reporting has been focused on the public health emergency and some of our core performance monitoring and data visualization work, like the City Survey, benchmarking projects that compare us to other metro areas, and reporting on the condition of our parks and streets was on hold,” said Controller Ben Rosenfield.

“This work is an important part of government transparency, and our team is looking forward to using experience gained while supporting the City’s emergency response to create user-friendly products that inform residents and play a critical role in the delivery of government services.” Controller Ben Rosenfield

The Controller’s Office will be releasing the following data products in the months ahead:


Spring 2022: City Scorecards

Explore monthly updates about services that the public cares most about.


Summer 2022: Street and Sidewalk Standards

Preview our new survey data about cleanliness and maintenance of the City's streets and sidewalks (covering January–April 2022).


Fall 2022: Park Maintenance Standards

Explore annual maintenance ratings of every local park in San Francisco and see how they compare.


November 2022: FY22 Annual Performance Report With Interactive Data

Review performance results and service delivery targets for all City departments.


Spring 2023: City Survey

Learn what San Franciscans think about our City


March 2023: Street and Sidewalk Standards

See the results of our surveys conducted throughout the City during the year to glean the condition of our streets and sidewalks.