Movie theaters can reopen indoors under new health directive

Moviegoers must wear a face covering while at the theater. Reopening theaters must have safety requirements in place.

A new health directive outlines what movie theaters need before they can reopen. 

These businesses must have a Social Distancing Protocol and a Health and Safety Plan. Both plans must be in place before the theater can reopen. See all guidelines for operating a business during the coronavirus pandemic.

Movie theaters can operate indoors at 25% capacity, up to 100 people per screen

Everyone must wear a face covering, and keep them on, the entire time they’re at the theater. Concessions and common areas (lounges, arcades) will stay closed.

What moviegoers can expect

You must choose your seats when you reserve your tickets. There will be at least 6 feet of seating space between parties. You may see seat covers on fabric chairs to make them easier to clean.

Do not switch seats. The theater will use the seating chart to help with disinfection or contact tracing work.

Check your health before you go out. If you feel sick, stay home. You will be asked about any symptoms when you arrive. Arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before showtime. 

You must wear face coverings the entire time you’re at the movie theater. No food or drinks are allowed, so you can keep your face covering on.

Businesses must follow guidelines for physical distancing and hygiene

All theaters must disinfect auditoriums between showings. Set up so that everyone can stay 6 feet apart at all times.

See reopening guidance for indoor movie theaters from the Department of Public Health.

See general guidance about operating a business during the coronavirus pandemic.