More allowances for offices, gyms, and personal care with new health order

Everyone must wear face coverings. Non-essential offices can reopen with limited capacity. Indoor gyms have increased capacity. Some personal care services that involve the face are allowed.

Updated health directives allow for more services. All customers can see what to expect when visiting a business

Most non-essential offices can open up to 25% capacity

Everyone must be able to stay 6 feet apart. Offices with 20 staff or more can open at 25% normal maximum capacity. Offices with fewer than 20 staff can operate at more than 25% capacity, if everyone can stay 6 feet apart. 

Everyone in the office must wear a face covering when they might be around others.

See reopening guidance for offices from the Department of Public Health.

Gyms and fitness centers can operate indoors up to 25% capacity

Climbing walls and indoor climbing gyms are now allowed.

Indoor cardio classes are still not allowed right now. People breathe hard during cardio exercises and often need to take off their face coverings. That increases the risk of spreading COVID-19. 

See reopening guidance for gyms from the Department of Public Health.

Face coverings can be taken off for some personal care services 

Customers can take off their face coverings if they’re getting a service done on their face. This includes facials, face waxing, and trimming beards or mustaches. Body art around the nose and mouth area are still not allowed.

At all other times, customers must still wear face coverings.

See reopening guidance for personal care services from the Department of Public Health.