Mayor London Breed Swears In 84 Appointed Commissioners

Appointees bring broad range of experience and expertise to City commissions and boards, reflect Mayor Breed’s commitment to diversity in City government
September 06, 2019

Mayor London N. Breed today held a ceremonial swearing-in for 84 commissioners she has appointed or re-appointed to various City commissions and boards. To date, Mayor Breed has appointed or re-appointed 159 commissioners representing a wide variety of backgrounds, expertise, and lived experiences, a reflection of Mayor Breed’s commitment to equitable representation and diversity in City government.

“These commissioners and board members are tasked with not only addressing some of the most important issues facing our City, but also identifying challenges we will face in the future,” said Mayor Breed. “In order to effectively do this, we need to make sure that all San Franciscans are represented, which is why we have appointed qualified, committed individuals who represent the diversity of San Francisco.”

Of Mayor Breed’s 159 appointees, over 50% are women and a majority are people of color. In total, 15 commissioners are from the LGBT community, including 11 that were appointed or re-appointed today.

“San Francisco has been my home for over 13 years. It has saved my life, shown me the value in paying it forward and has never failed at keeping me on my toes. I’m honored and very excited to be given this opportunity to serve my community even more. It’s the least I can do for a city that has given me so much,” said Adrian Caratowsa, Transbay Citizens’ Advisory Committee Member.

“I am grateful to Mayor Breed for the appointment as a Southeast Facility Commissioner. With over 30 years of experience in education, I am proud to be collaborating with the City to expand my efforts on serving our communities. I hope this will not only benefit our residents within the Southeast neighborhoods, but also everyone in San Francisco,” said Marlene Tran, Southeast Facility Commissioner.  

“I am thrilled to serve the City of San Francisco and bring my legal experience to the Board of Appeals. I want to thank Mayor Breed for the opportunity, and I am proud to be part of the diverse group of Commissioners who are working to move our city forward,” said Eduardo Santacana, Board of Appeals Member. “This Board hears difficult cases of the utmost importance to citizens of our city. As a lawyer, I will strive in every case to ensure each party receives a fair hearing, and to apply the law faithfully.”

A full list of City commissions and their responsibilities can be found at

Full list of commissioners sworn-in today:

Janet Spears, Aging and Adult Services Commission

Paul Woolford, Arts Commission

Michele Anderson, Ballot Simplification Committee

Eduardo Santacana, Board of Appeals Commission

Mollie Matull, Children, Youth and Their Families Oversight and Advisory Committee

Siobhan McHugh, Citizen's General Obligation Bond Oversight Committee

Elizabeth Salveson, Civil Service Commission

Jacqueline Minor, Civil Service Commission

Bivett Bracket, Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure

Mara Rosales, Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure

Heather Stephenson, Commission on the Environment

Mike Sullivan, Commission on the Environment

Debbie Mesloh, Commission on the Status of Women

Andrew Cheng, Eastern Neighborhoods Citizens Advisory Committee

Ben Bleiman, Entertainment Commission

Claudine Cheng, Film Commission

Jon Rubin, Film Commission

Kate Black, Historic Preservation Commission

Darpun Sachdev, HIV Community Planning Council

Helen Lin, HIV Community Planning Council

Irma Parada, HIV Community Planning Council

Juba Kalamka, HIV Community Planning Council

Michelle Spence, HIV Community Planning Council

Mike Shriver, HIV Community Planning Council

Ney Nascimento, HIV Community Planning Council

Wayne Rafus, HIV Community Planning Council

James Loduca, Human Rights Commission

Joseph Sweiss, Human Rights Commission

Mark Kelleher, Human Rights Commission

Helen Pelzman, Mayor's Disability Council

Lily Marshall-Fricker, Mayor's Disability Council

Stephen Herman, Mayor's Disability Council

Tiffany Yu, Mayor's Disability Council

Yoyo Chan, Mission Bay Citzens Advisory Committee

Amanda Eaken, Municipal Transportation Agency

Steve Heminger, Municipal Transportation Agency

Frank Fung, Planning Commission

Sophie Maxwell, Public Utilities Commission

Tim Paulson, Public Utilities Commission

Malik Wade, Reentry Council

Sheenia Branner, Reentry Council

Dave Crow, Rent Board Commission

Reese Isbell, Rent Board Commission

David Wasserman, Rent Board Commission

Fala Satele, Southeast Community Facility Commission

Marlene Tran, Southeast Community Facility Commission

Susan Murphy, Southeast Community Facility Commission

Adrian Caratowsa, Transbay Citizens Advisory Committee

Gabriella Folino, Transbay Citizens Advisory Committee

Michael Sizemore, Transbay Citizens Advisory Committee

Ike Kwon, Treasure Island Development Authority

Ruby Bolaria, Treasure Island Development Authority

Ikram Mansori, Veterans Affairs Commission

Jeff Marshall, Veterans Affairs Commission

Myles Tucker, Veterans Affairs Commission

Raymond Wong, Veterans Affairs Commission

Belva Davis, War Memorial Board of Trustees

Stanlee Gatti, War Memorial Board of Trustees

Thomas Horn, War Memorial Board of Trustees

Alex Randolph, Workforce Investment San Francisco

Andrew Lindsay, Workforce Investment San Francisco

Angela Tamayo, Workforce Investment San Francisco

Bob Nibbi, Workforce Investment San Francisco

Brian Morton, Workforce Investment San Francisco

Charley Lavery, Workforce Investment San Francisco

Edward Battista, Workforce Investment San Francisco

Jeanine Cotter, Workforce Investment San Francisco

Jeffrey Chiu, Workforce Investment San Francisco

John Doherty, Workforce Investment San Francisco

Jorge Tapia, Workforce Investment San Francisco

Julie Fallon, Workforce Investment San Francisco

Kevin Carroll, Workforce Investment San Francisco

Paul Giusti, Workforce Investment San Francisco

Ramon Hernandez, Workforce Investment San Francisco

Ruben Santana, Workforce Investment San Francisco

Sam Rodriguez, Workforce Investment San Francisco

Theresa Woo, Workforce Investment San Francisco

Vikrum Aiyer, Workforce Investment San Francisco

Alexander Hirji, Youth Commission

Arianna Nassiri, Youth Commission

Arsema Asfaw, Youth Commission

Nora Hylton, Youth Commission

Sarah Ginsburg, Youth Commission

Stephen "Rocky" Versace, Youth Commission