Mayor London Breed Announces Public Safety Cameras in Chinatown Are Now Operational

18 new cameras installed along Stockton Street to increase public safety

Mayor London Breed, Supervisor Aaron Peskin, and the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) have announced that the 18 new public safety cameras installed along Stockton Street in Chinatown are now operational. The cameras are intended to create a safe and inviting public realm experience in the community for residents, merchants, and visitors and were funded in partnership with the Northeast Community Federal Credit Union and SF SAFE.

“I am pleased that these public safety cameras are now installed,” said Mayor Breed. “They are part of our broader efforts to help Chinatown continue to be an incredible community that is welcoming for both residents and visitors—including expanding the number of police officers walking beats and creating a drop-in center for people to be able to report crimes. By working together with the community, we can continue to keep Chinatown safe.”

These 18 high definition security cameras in Chinatown cover Stockton Street starting from the tunnel at Sacramento Street to Washington Streets. Footage from the public safety cameras will be used to assist the community and the San Francisco Police Department, should a criminal activity take place. Additionally, the visibility of the cameras should create a deterrent effect on potential perpetrators of crime.

“I am pleased to see the City moved forward with this camera program. Two years ago, I funded increased public safety resources at the Ping Yuen housing projects, including security cameras,” said Supervisor Peskin. “Building on the success of that camera program, I allocated $45,000 from the Chinatown Central Subway Mitigation Fund to outfit the Stockton corridor with state-of-the-art security cameras. Central Station has also committed an increased police presence on Stockton Street. We know that the best way to ensure the public feels safe in their neighborhoods is to listen to the feedback from residents and merchants.”

“SF SAFE is proud to be a partner in this important project. We believe that improving the safety of a community starts within that community. As Chinatown’s safety partner, we’re grateful for our deep ties there and for the valuable feedback we received that prompted the installation of these new security cameras. With this initiative, together we are enhancing safety throughout one of our city’s crown jewel neighborhoods, and ultimately forging a safer San Francisco,” said Kyra Worthy, Executive Director of SF SAFE.

“I am glad to be a community partner working to improve Chinatown’s public safety. With OEWD’s funding and SF SAFE’s assistance, we can show everyone that Chinatown is a safe environment for shopping, working and living. I encourage our local merchant’s participation, both technically and financially, to expand the safety camera projects to more areas in our neighborhood,” said Lily Lo, Chief Executive Officer at the Northeast Community Federal Credit Union.

This project, led by OEWD, is part of a comprehensive strategy to support diverse small-scale investments aimed at enhancing the visitor and resident experience. Other projects include the installation of ambient light in targeted alleyways to keep the Chinatown neighborhood feeling safe. In partnership with the Portsmouth Square Garage, a discounted parking program is offered during the evenings and weekends to not only attract customers to Chinatown but also to prevent car break-ins and theft. OEWD, in partnership with Self-Help for the Elderly, funds a bilingual and bicultural corridor manager to oversee the day-to-day field activities in Chinatown. The manager regularly works with local businesses to ensure the needs of the corridor are met and that community services are accessible.

“These cameras will support Stockton Street merchants and strengthen the resiliency, safety and vibrancy of Chinatown,” said Joaquín Torres, Director of OEWD. “Community feedback directly shaped this investment, and we look forward to continued partnership with local merchants and residents to ensure that Chinatown and our commercial districts citywide are safe, clean and welcoming for all.”

Northeast Community Federal Credit Union is a nonprofit, member owned, community development credit union that promotes grass-roots community development through financial stability, economic literacy, small business development, and home ownership in the Chinatown, Tenderloin, and SoMa neighborhoods.

SF SAFE engages, educates, and empowers San Franciscans to build safer neighborhoods through crime prevention, education, and public safety services that result in stronger, more vibrant and resilient communities.