Mayor Breed's Statement on Juneteenth

Mayor Breed releases statement on Juneteenth
June 18, 2023

“Two years ago, San Francisco made Juneteenth an official city holiday, joining the federal government in this overdue recognition. For the first time we marked Juneteenth, long observed by the Black community, as a day for everyone to celebrate the strength, power, and resilience it took to overcome slavery.

Juneteenth is about recognizing the history of slavery in this country and about our freedom from forced indentured servitude. It is a moment to reflect on the generations of pain and sacrifice born by our ancestors. And it is our opportunity to recommit to the strength, spirit, and love that has defined the Black community throughout generations.

So today as we celebrate Juneteenth with friends and family, let’s gather to not only reckon with the past, but to celebrate the future, and the work we will undertake to continue to fight for a more equal and just society.”