Mayor Breed's Housing For All Plan: Three Month Progress Update

Major legislative changes, administrative reforms, and other work moving forward as part of plan to allow for 82,000 new homes in next eight years
May 09, 2023

San Francisco, CA – Today Mayor London N. Breed issued a three-month update on her Housing For All Plan, which is the City’s strategy to fundamentally change how it approves and builds housing. Housing For All sets out the steps the City will take to meet the bold goal of allowing for 82,000 new homes to be built over eight years.     

The first step for Housing for All was the issuance of Mayor Breed’s Executive Directive on February 7th which sets the immediate and near-term actions the City will take to start this process and begin to make real change to how San Francisco approves and builds housing. It consists of governmental organization actions, administrative actions, and legislative actions.    

In the first three months since the launch of Housing For All, San Francisco has met key deadlines and requirements set out in the Mayor’s Executive Directive. These include:  

Unlocking the housing pipeline to ensure new housing that has already been approved can begin construction quickly. Status: Legislation sponsored with Supervisor Shamann Walton approved and signed into law.   

Removing unnecessary barriers and hearing requirements that will help shave up to 9 months off the approval process for new housing. Status: Legislation introduced with Supervisors Joel Engardio and Matt Dorsey and pending Planning Commission hearing.    

Eliminating barriers for office to residential conversions to create more opportunities for housing Downtown. Status: Legislation introduced with Board President Aaron Peskin. Approved by Planning Commission, scheduled for a hearing at Building Inspection Commission on May 17.    

Forming an Affordable Housing Leadership Council to work closely with City staff to develop strategies around affordable housing. Status: Council membership finalized. First meeting is scheduled end of May 31.  

Developing a Housing Element Action Plan to change city procedures to prioritize and expedite housing approvals. Status: Initial Department reports submitted by May 1 deadline and final report due July 1.    

Pursuing changes to the City’s affordable housing requirements to actually deliver affordable housing as part of market-rate projects. Status: Controller report completed and working with Board of Supervisors on final proposal.    

Streamlining the City’s process for issuing Site Permits, which will reduce permitting times for new developments and major renovations. Status: Joint hearing scheduled at Planning and Building Inspection Commissions on proposal.    

Changing zoning laws across the entire City to allow for more housing especially in well-resourced neighborhoods on the west side of the City.  Status: Planning Department conducting citywide outreach. Legislation to be introduced early 2024.     

“Housing For All is about changing how we get housing built in San Francisco,” said Mayor London Breed. “To be a city where working people and families can actually afford to live here, we need more housing. We’ve worked aggressively to get this plan moving forward and we will continue to do everything it takes to make San Francisco the leader it can be when it comes to housing.”   

To read more about this progress, visit this page.