Important Reminder about Business Registration Renewals

Everyone doing business in San Francisco must have a current business registration. Renew by May 31, 2022.
May 16, 2022

Business registration renewal

due by May 31, 2022


New this year

Most businesses that have previously reported under $50,000 in Gross Receipts and zero employees received a bill and are not required to file a renewal. If this describes your business, you can follow the instructions on your bill to pay online, mail, or in person. 

Steps to renew

(if required)

1. Prepare the information you’ll need to renew and pay online: 

a. Business Account Number (BAN)

Find your 7-digit number on your Business Registration Certificate. Or you may look it up here.

b. Last 4 digits of your Taxpayer Identification Number 

For sole proprietors, this may be your Social Security Number. 

For LLC’s and corporations, this may be  your EIN.,

c. Online PIN 

Scroll down for how to find your business's online PIN.

d. Your 2021 taxable San Francisco gross receipts  

e. The business activities that describe your business

Select from a list or check “other”

If you’re unsure, you can find your NAICS code by searching by your business activity here. Then, match the first two numbers of your NAICS to the list. 

f. Average number of employees per week 

2. File online 

3. Pay by credit card, check, or ACH/Wire transfer 

What’s the online PIN? 

Your 8-character PIN is printed on the registration renewal notice from the Treasurer and Tax Collector’s Office. It is also on previous registration renewal notices, including when you registered your business. 

Your 8-character PIN was MAILED to you. It is NOT the generic PIN, 6xmdhhpf, that you may have received in an email when you initially registered your business. That generic PIN won’t work if entered. 

If you can’t find your PIN, you can request a new one here. This can take 3-5 business days.  

You must have a PIN to complete your business renewal.  

Watch a step-by-step guide

Business Registration Renewal Help Center

Closing your business

If you are no longer in business, go to Business Account Update and close your account.

Just like in Step 1 above, you will need to enter your 7-digit Business Account Number (BAN), the last four 4 digits of your Tax ID, and your Online PIN. Once logged in, select “Business Account Closure.”