Fire safety tips during the holiday season

Tips from the San Francisco Fire Department to enjoy this holiday season safely.
Macy's Christmas tree at Union Square in San Francisco.

Holiday decorating

Get fresh cut Christmas trees and water daily to keep them from drying out. Turn off tree lights at night.

Inspect electrical strands and components of holiday decor for damage.

If you have pets, plan your decorations around their safety.


Have safety screens on your fireplace.

Have chimneys cleaned and inspected by a professional annually.

Safety equipment

Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working.

Keep a fire extinguisher ready and easily accessible.


Keep area around candles clear of combustible items.

Never leave candles unattended.


Plug space heaters only into a single dedicated outlet.


Consider keeping children out of the kitchen while cooking, for their safety.

Do not leave stovetop items unattended.