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The Department of Police Accountability launches new website

Executive Director Paul D. Henderson today announced the release of the new Department of Police Accountability (DPA) website. The website was completed as a collaboration between DPA and the Office of the City Administrator’s Digital Services team.
August 31, 2021
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I'm excited to launch this new website that allows our stakeholders to access the level of detail they are used to in our reports. This is another step in our plan to increase data transparency and accessibility, and I can't thank my team enough for the work they put in to make this a success. Executive Director Paul Henderson, Department of Police Accountability

The Department of Police Accountability (DPA) is excited to announce the launch of our new website, designed in collaboration with the Office of the City Administrator’s Digital Services team.

The new DPA website includes features such as division and reports pages, know your rights around the police officer, and a DPA dashboard. We at DPA are especially excited for the new dashboard, as it will allow stakeholders to examine and explore case metrics from 2016 through the present and provide a new level of transparency to DPA operations. Previously this information was available in reports; however, this new dashboard allows users to review multiple years of data at the same time.

The new website is designed to meet the needs of all our stakeholders, including members of the public, Supervisors, Commissioners, City staff, and peer civilian oversight agencies. Working with digital services ensures information about DPA is accessible, readable, and usable.

Below is a sample of our new features and services available on the website:

We designed to work for all San Franciscans, and DPA is truly blazing a trail with their use of the platform. It has never been more important for the public to keep the police accountable, and DPA’s use of shows their dedication to transparency and openness. This partnership shows how well designed technology can support vital public services, and we look to other departments to replicate DPA’s success. Carrie Bishop, Chief Digital Services Officer

New Features

  • Young people’s rights around police officers
  • Know your rights around a police officer
  • Know your rights Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • Apply for internship/to be a mediator
  • Request records of complaints about police
  • Senate Bill 1421 released cases
  • DPA dashboard
  • Investigations or mediation complaints against a police officer
  • Reports on policing complaints


  • File a complaint about police services
  • Request investigative hearing
  • Recommend a police department audit