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Celebrate safer Carnaval, Memorial Day Weekend, Juneteenth, and the summer season

Tips from SF Department of Public Health as we head into the summer holidays.
May 28, 2021

While San Francisco has made tremendous progress with over two-thirds of the eligible population vaccinated, the public is encouraged to stay vigilant by following all public health recommendations we know work to stop the spread of COVID-19: wearing a mask in indoor public settings or when social distancing cannot be maintained, choosing outdoor over indoor activities, and minimizing or refraining from unnecessary travel. 

We understand that people are eager to shed their masks and the quickest way we can arrive at a place where it is safe to do so, is for every eligible person to get vaccinated as soon as possible. As we welcome the summer season, let’s enjoy and celebrate San Francisco’s culturally rich and beautiful diversity, safely.    

In the last couple of weeks, San Francisco has reopened businesses that had remained closed since the beginning of the pandemic and allowed for certain activities to resume. As we continue to review new guidelines set forth by the State pertaining to the resumption of activities in all sectors listed in the current Blueprint Activities and Business Tiers Chart  -  with some exceptions - the following still applies in San Francisco.

Your mask is still one of your best tools to protect yourself

For vaccinated and unvaccinated people, a face covering is no longer required outdoors unless a more specific rule requires it, such as being in a crowded setting. You should always have a face covering with you, even if you are vaccinated in the event that you enter an indoor public space or find yourself in a situation where social distancing cannot be maintained. For example, if you stop to have a prolonged conversation with a person whose vaccination status is unknown you will want to wear a mask. 

And for now, everyone, including fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people, must still wear a face covering at large events outdoors. In San Francisco, this means any event or location with 300 or more people.  

Support our local businesses, safely 

Masks are not required outdoors once customers are seated if tables are placed 6 feet apart. Customers must put on a mask on if going indoors for any reason, including going to the restroom or finding a staff member. 

Indoor dining is open at 50% normal maximum capacity for each room. Customers must wear face coverings indoors when they are not actively eating or drinking. 

Outdoor bars are open, with safe distancing and a maximum of 8 people per group. 

Indoor bars are open at 25% capacity up to 100 people and patrons may stand and consume beverages as long as they are stationary and keep 6 feet apart from other groups. Maximum 8 people to a group. When indoors, patrons must keep their face covering on unless actively eating or drinking.  

Live entertainment is allowed. Everyone must wear a face covering, to include patrons, performers, and staff if live entertainment is indoors. Coverings may be removed when actively eating or drinking. When outdoors, coverings may be removed if 6 feet of physical distancing between performers and audience can be maintained.  

Share love, not COVID-19.  

Fully vaccinated San Franciscans can now attend small indoor gatherings with other fully vaccinated friends and loved ones without masks or physical distancing, or with unvaccinated people from one household who are at low risk of severe illness from COVID-19.  

However, we know that even fully vaccinated people may carry and transmit the disease, so fully vaccinated people should still consider the risk that exposure may have on those around them, such as unvaccinated people at high risk for severe COVID-19 disease.  

Please continue to wear a mask and practice physical distancing when around high-risk individuals, even if fully vaccinated.  

Kids can be kids again

Recreational programs outside of school and childcare are open for all children. You can enroll your child in multiple day, or summer programs, at a time, including music and sports. 

When eating, children and youth who are not fully vaccinated should be 6 feet away from others indoors, 3 feet away outdoors.  

Maintaining cohorts is no longer required; children can participate in activities with different groups in the same program. 

Staycations are the safest

Postponing travel and staying close to home is still the best way to protect yourself and others against COVID-19. Fully vaccinated travelers should still follow CDC’s recommendations for traveling safely, including: 

  • Wear a mask over your nose and mouth  
  • Stay 6 feet from others and avoid crowds  
  • Wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer 

Plan for a safe and fun summer by getting vaccinated

As we celebrate Carnaval and Juneteenth, let’s share the love, not COVID-19. Vaccine appointments are widely available throughout San Francisco and most our vaccination sites allow for drop in. The science is clear; the more people we vaccinate, the more we drive down case rates and prevent community spread. A safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine, coupled with continued preventive measures, is our best tool to end the pandemic and safely reopen San Francisco.  

Get vaccinated at Carnaval!

May 29 and 30 

For people 12 years and older. Raffle prizes every 15 minutes! 

John O'Connell High School - 2355 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 

Get vaccinated at a Juneteenth Celebration! 

June 19 

For people 12 years and older. Food, music, fun and giveaways! 

Buchanan Street Mall (between McAllister and Fulton Streets) 

June 20 

For people 12 years and older. Food, music, fun and giveaways! 

Gilman Park in the Bayview 

More information

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