Emergency Medical Services Advisory Committee Meeting

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

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    All meetings are held virtually. We send out invites to existing committee rosters via email.

    If you are not currently on the roster and interested in being added, reach out to Elaina Gunn.

    Email: elaina.gunn@sfgov.org

    Call: 628-217-6000


    1. Agenda in PDF format

      Download the agenda for the October 12, 2022 meeting.

    2. Minutes

      View the minutes from the October 12, 2022 EMSAC Meeting.

    Date & Time

    Wednesday, October 12, 2022
    1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

    Public comment is now closed. Review the documents here:

    Public comment is now closed. Review the documents here:

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    All comments are accepted by filling out the public comment form. Public comment is due by Thursday, October 6, 2022 at 5pm. All documents are draft versions for the purposes of public comment only and should not be utilized to provide patient care.

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