Get certified as a Local Business Enterprise

The Local Business Enterprise (LBE) program helps small businesses compete for City contracts.

New rules mean that even more businesses are eligible to become certified or may have changes to their eligibility.

Learn more about the LBE program and the new rules below.

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About the Local Business Enterprise (LBE) program

LBE certification

The Contract Monitoring Division (CMD) manages the LBE program. Becoming a certified LBE helps San Francisco-based small businesses be more competitive in the City’s bidding process. It is not required for bidding on City contracts or being a Supplier.


Certified businesses have access to:

  • Bid discounts and Rating Bonuses
  • Free resources and technical help
  • Exclusive City contracts that are only open to certified firms

To receive these benefits, businesses must have their LBE certification by the bid or proposal due date.



LBE certification is available to small businesses that:

  • Have a fixed location in San Francisco or the PUC Water System Service area as their primary place of business
  • Have a current business license issued at least 6 months before certification
  • Fall under the economic threshold limit (based on average gross receipts over 5-year period before certification)

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Legal changes

Legal changes

Recent changes strengthened the Administrative Code Chapter 14B Local Business Enterprise (LBE) Ordinance.

These changes include:

  • Increasing economic threshold limits for LBE certification
  • Using the 5 most recent tax years (instead of 3) to calculate average gross receipts and determine LBE size
  • Increasing contract limits for micro-LBE set asides
  • Providing additional capacity-building support for small businesses (including pilot programs that focus on the use of micro-LBEs from economically disadvantaged communities and extending bonding/loan assistance to City-funded projects on private developments)
  • Strengthening oversight to ensure Primes use listed LBE subcontractors and provide payment in a timely manner
  • Adjusting minimum competitive and threshold amounts

New economic thresholds (effective December 13, 2021):

Class A and Class B general contractors

  • New micro-LBE: $12M
  • New small-LBE: $24M
  • New SBA-LBE: $40M

Specialty construction contractors

  • New micro-LBE: $6M
  • New small-LBE: $12M
  • New SBA-LBE: $20M

Goods / materials / equipment suppliers

  • New micro-LBE: $6M
  • New small-LBE: $12M
  • New SBA-LBE: $20M

General service providers

  • New micro-LBE: $6M
  • New small-LBE: $12M
  • New SBA-LBE: $20M

Trucking and hauling

  • New micro-LBE: $2.5M
  • New small-LBE: $5M
  • New SBA-LBE: $10M

Architect / engineering

  • New micro-LBE: $2.5M
  • New small-LBE: $5M
  • New SBA-LBE: $8.5M

Professional services

  • New micro-LBE: $2.5M
  • New small-LBE: $5M
  • New SBA-LBE: $8.5M

Technical help

Technical help

To get help using the Supplier Portal, call User Support at 415-944-2442 or email

If you don’t have a Supplier Portal account, you can still apply. Another option is to submit your application and supporting documentation by:




Contract Monitoring Division

Attention: Certification Unit
1155 Market Street
4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103