Unlawful Detainer Assistant

The purpose of an Unlawful Detainer Assistant registration is to make available to the public the registration of any person or entity who, for compensation, renders assistance or advice for members of the public who are representing themselves in an unlawful detainer matter.

Unlawful Detainer Assistant registrations are valid for two years. The filing should occur in the county where the Unlawful Detainer Assistant has their principal place of business and in which they maintain a branch office.

How to Register

  1. Certificate of Registration in duplicate (two (2) originals)
  2. Supporting documentation as required on the application
  3. Original and one (1) copy of a $25,000 Unlawful Detainer Assistant Bond
  • The Unlawful Detainer Assistant Bond must state the beginning and ending dates of the term
  • The term should be for two (2) years to coincide with the Unlawful Detainer Assistant registration term
  • The bond must have an original signature and acknowledgment from the bonding company
    • Corporate or partnership filing will require bonds based on the number of unlawful detainer assistants employed
      • (1-4) – $25,000
      • (5-9) – $50,000
      • (10 or more) – $100,000
  1. Filing Fee
Last updated December 23, 2022