Summary of Changes to C19-07y

Summary of changes to Health Order C19-07y.

This Order went into effect on September 15, 2022. The main changes are:  

  1. The only booster requirement is for health care and high-risk settings. The Health Order no longer requires anyone else (including firefighters or EMTs) to have a booster. 
  2. The only places where masking is required for everyone, regardless of vaccination status are in health care and high-risk settings. 
  3. Testing is no longer required for people who are exempt from the Booster requirement. 

See below for more details. 


Boosters are not required for most workers. Only workers in the following health care and high-risk settings are required to have a Booster:   

  • general acute care hospitals  
  • skilled nursing facilities  
  • intermediate care facilities  
  • residential care facilities for the elderly  
  • homeless shelters 
  • jails. 

The current health order does not require anyone else to have a Booster. 


Everyone must wear a well-fitted mask while indoors at a health care or high-risk setting. If a worker is alone in a closed office, they may remove their mask. This is consistent with the state’s masking guidance.  

Everyone is strongly recommended to wear a well-fitted mask when riding or waiting inside to board public transit, including: 

  • planes  
  • trains   
  • subways  
  • buses  
  • taxis  
  • ride-shares  
  • boats  
  • street cars   
  • cable cars. 


Routine testing is no longer required for health care workers who are exempt from the vaccine requirement, per state guidance.  

Schools and programs for children and youth  

The Health Order does not have any requirements for schools or programs for children and youth. School districts, schools, and program operators should follow CDPH school guidance

See “Resources” for frequently asked questions about C19-07y.

Last updated October 31, 2022