Special calculations for household income

Figure out your household's eligibility for MOHCD's program listings based on income.

Most households can use the DAHLIA San Francisco Housing Portal's income calculator to figure out whether they are eligible for our listings. But for some households, there are a few exceptions.

Multiplying nontaxable income by 125%

We can multiply your nontaxable income by 125% if it helps you qualify.

Nontaxable income might include child support payments, Social Security, or worker's compensation benefits.

For example, let’s say you received $7,000 in child support payments. You could calculate child support as $7,000 or $8,750 ($7,000 * 125%.) You can use whichever number helps you qualify.

You will need to give us documents that verify that the income is non-taxable. This can be a tax return, award letter, or account statement.

Households with a dependent who is a full-time student

If your household includes a dependent who is a full-time student, we will only count $480 of their income.

For example, if last year:

    Your salary was $35,000
    Your child is a full-time student and made $2,000 at a part-time job

Your annual household income would be $35,480, because we only count $480 of your child’s income.

The student must be under 25, and must be claimed as a dependent on your federal tax return. We will need a letter from the student's school or college that verifies their full-time status.

Last updated November 17, 2022