San Francisco rental opportunities

Learn about various rental programs in San Francisco.

Apply directly for rental housing

Inclusionary Housing Program (also known as "Mixed Income" or "BMR")

  • Units are rented below market rate, in market-rate buildings built by for-profit developers.

100% Affordable (also known as "Multifamily")

  • All units in the building are rented at reduced rates, often by non-profit developers working with MOHCD.
  • Former public housing from the SF Housing Authority is also being converted to 100% affordable buildings.

Other rental programs

Plus Housing Program

  • Apply online! The Plus Housing Program helps low-income people living with HIV (depending on need) get placed in rentals units or get subsidies.

Rent Subsidies

You can contact the following organizations about available rent subsidies.

Section 8 Vouchers

  • Subsidized housing voucher program for assisting very low-income residents renting in the private market.
  • Operated at the federal level by the San Francisco Housing Authority

Other rental opportunities

These lists are developed each month by community nonprofit agencies.

Last updated November 17, 2022