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Pau Crego and Shane Zaldivar training

About our trainings

We offer live online training sessions to City and County employees, teams and Departments. Our trainings cover in-depth perspectives on working with transgender and non-binary communities. During our time together, we facilitate conversations about how gender affects us individually, practice skills relevant to your team’s unique needs, and learn how to build more welcoming and affirming environments for transgender and non-binary people. 

Training request form

To request a training for your team, please fill out this form.

IMPORTANT: Due to a high volume of incoming requests, most trainings are scheduled 3 months in advance. We hope to respond to your request as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

  • How long are your live online trainings? Our standard trainings are 2 hours long, which includes a short break. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for shorter trainings.

  • Are your trainings offered in-person, online, or both? Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, at this time we only offer live online trainings over Zoom.

  • How much will a live online training cost our Department? We want to make our trainings as accessible as possible for all City Departments and teams. For this reason, we currently offer trainings at no cost to your Department.

  • What is the minimum attendance for these trainings? Our minimum training capacity is 20 attendees, and our maximum is 40. If your team is smaller, we will happily accommodate to meet your needs. If your team is larger, we will ask that you split the group into multiple live training sessions. If fewer than 20 people are at the training by the start time, we will unfortunately have to cancel the session and reschedule at a time when the minimum attendance is met. Please note that we do not offer recordings of the trainings or make-up sessions.

  • What should I do to help my team prepare for this training? Please ensure that every member of your team has completed the preliminary assignments and registered for the session 7 days before the training date. Also, our live online trainings are highly interactive, so please make sure each attendee has access to a device with a camera and microphone.

  • My team would like to take this training, but we are not part of the City and County. Can we still request a training? At this time, we only offer trainings to City and County employees. We hope to expand this once our office has more capacity. 

Shane Zaldivar training


For additional questions, send your inquiries to OTI.Training@sfgov.org.

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Last updated May 19, 2022

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