Manufacturing, Production, Distribution, and Repair (PDR) sector business development

We support the growth of San Francisco’s manufacturing and PDR industry.

How we help

We help ensure PDR businesses have the room to grow in San Francisco, continue to create good manufacturing jobs, and produce and distribute locally made products and goods. Our goals include:

  • Retaining and growing PDR businesses. We provide a single-point of contact for PDR businesses, fund technical assistance for PDR firms, and connect PDR businesses to workforce and loan programs.
  • Building new PDR space on private sites. Encourage the development of new industrial space on underutilized private sites.
  • Building new PDR space on public sites. The City explores opportunities for the creation of industrial space on additional public sites.
  • Upgrading existing PDR space. Encourage job-dense industrial uses in manufacturing and distribution over less intensive uses such as storage.
  • Preserving existing industrial space. In addition to building new, modern, and more efficient industrial space, it is important to support the success of existing PDR space in core industrial areas. The City conducts outreach to owners of industrial buildings and connects them to PDR tenants.

Food and Beverage sector

Some of our strategies for supporting food and beverage manufacturing and distribution sectors include:

  • Increasing the supply of affordable, suitable space;
  • Improving transportation access and transit options for employees, including improving late night and early morning transit access;
  • Developing and retaining a skilled local workforce; and
  • Providing technical support.



If you have questions or need help with a business in manufacturing, PDR, or food and beverage, contact Laurel Arvanitidis at or 415-554-6471.

Last updated January 25, 2023