Make your event features accessible

Understand how to make the amenities and offerings at your event accessible.

People must be able to access all event features

You must provide an accessible route that leads to all amenities and offerings, including art displays, exhibits, kiosks, and/or poster boards. Position them so they do not become a protruding object to people who are blind. A protruding object is as an element that encroaches 4 inches or more into the path of travel, with its leading edge above 27 inches and below 80 inches above the floor.   

Watch a video on how to follow requirements for protruding objects.


Food, drinks, merchandise and services must also be located along an accessible route.  

Work with vendors to ensure that people with disabilities will have comparable access to food, drinks, merchandise, or services offered. While concession carts may not be easily modified, vendors should offer support to people with disabilities as needed, if it will help them to receive goods and services. For example, a vendor may need to take items from an inaccessible area to an interested individual to allow the individual to see and select an item, or to take part in an activity offered  

Watch a video on how to make sales and service counters accessible. 

Last updated May 13, 2021