Information on working during the coronavirus outbreak

Unless your work is an essential function, you cannot go to work.

Unless your work is an essential function, you cannot go to work. You may have the virus and not know it. You might get it and risk infecting those you live with.

Many businesses are not permitted to operate during the coronavirus outbreak, because of the Public Health Order.

Essential businesses can remain open if they abide by social distancing requirements.

Government employees

Government employees can continue to go to work if they are designated as essential employees by their employer.

Other government entities are responsible for determining which of its workers are essential workers.


If nonprofits provide essential services as described in the order, they can and should continue providing those services. This includes those food pantries, housing for homeless residents, and other critical services.

Essential infrastructure organizations

You can continue to operate essential infrastructure organizations, including:

  • water, sewer, gas, electrical
  • roads and highways
  • public transportation
  • Internet
  • telecommunications systems (including the provision of essential infrastructure for computing services, business infrastructure, communications, and web-based services)

Health care operations

Healthcare operations are an essential business. This includes:

  • hospitals, clinics, dentists, other healthcare facilities
  • healthcare suppliers
  • home healthcare services providers
  • any related and/or ancillary healthcare services

This includes vet care and all healthcare services provided to animals. 

It does not include fitness and exercise gyms and similar facilities.

Work from home

You can keep working from home as long as your employer permits it.

Last updated March 26, 2020