Green your business

Make your business better for the environment. Save money, improve employee health, and attract customers.

Environmental Programs

San Francisco Green Business Program

The City of SF promotes businesses that take those extra steps to help protect our environment. Let the City of SF promote your business, save money, and go green by taking advantage of our free recognition program. 

EnergyAccess SF

Businesses can receive a free energy assessment and help getting rebates, zero or low-interest financing, and equipment upgrades. Businesses in the South of Market and Tenderloin neighborhoods are eligible through April 2023.

Environmental laws

San Francisco has several key environmental laws affecting businesses: 

Recycling & Composting Ordinance

Everyone in San Francisco is required to separate their refuse into recyclables, compostables, and landfill trash.  

San Francisco Commuter Benefits Ordinance

SF employers with 20 or more employees are required to offer commuter benefits such as free transportation or transportation benefits.

Checkout Bag and Recyclable or Compostable Pre-Checkout Bag Ordinance

Plastic checkout and precheckout bags are restricted for distribution from all retail stores and food establishments. It requires a charge on allowed checkout bags (compostable bags, recycled paper bags, or reusable bags).

Plastic, Litter, and Toxics Reduction Law

All to-co containers used by food vendors and restaurants in San Francisco must be compostable or recyclable. Styrofoam™ is not recyclable or compostable. The law restricts distribution of single-use plastic straws, including compostable plastic straws. Accessories like condiments and napkins must be given either upon request or in a self-service area.

Food Recovery and Donation Requirements

Certain food businesses are required to donate excess food.

Last updated August 25, 2022