Get your booster

Open to everyone 12 and older.

Boosters are free and key to keeping San Francisco safe.

Go to your doctor or nearby pharmacy or vaccine site. Many sites take drop-ins, but people with appointments have priority.


Boosters are recommended for

  • Anyone 12 or older
  • Anyone who finished their primary series with Pfizer or Moderna, or who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

12 to 17 year olds can only get a Pfizer booster.


For Pfizer or Moderna, get your booster as soon as 5 months have passed from finishing your primary series.

For Johnson & Johnson, get a booster as soon as 2 months have passed from your first dose. You can get a 3rd dose with Pfizer 5 months after that, as advised by the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH).


For all boosters except the Johnson & Johnson 3rd dose:

Though many sites take drop-ins, people with appointments have priority. Vaccines and boosters are in high demand.

For Johnson & Johnson 3rd dose

For those who got a Johnson & Johnson vaccine and booster and who are ready for their 3rd dose:

  1. First talk with your doctor to make sure a 3rd dose with Pfizer is right for you
  2. Then set up an appointment at one of the SFDPH sites giving boosters

Start here to make an appointment at one of these SFDPH sites:

  • Bayview Neighborhood Vaccine Site
    • 1800 Oakdale Avenue
  • Boeddeker
    • 246 Eddy Street
  • Chinatown Health Center
    • 1490 Mason Street
  • Excelsior Neighborhood Vaccine Site
    • 20 Norton Avenue
    • 330 Ellis Street
  • Mission- 24th & Capp UCSF/Unidos en Salud/BAPLS
    • 24th Street and Capp Street
  • Ocean Park Health Center
    • 1351 24th Avenue
  • OMI Neighborhood Vaccination Site
    • 446 Randolph Street
  • Potrero Hill Health Center
    • 1050 Wisconsin Street
  • SOMA Neighborhood Vaccination Site at Kapwa Gardens
    • 967 Mission Street
  • Southeast Health Center
    • 2401 Keith Street
  • Tom Waddell Urban Health Clinic
    • 230 Golden Gate Avenue
  • Vis Valley Neighborhood Vaccination Site
    • 1099 Sunnydale Avenue
  • Western Addition Neighborhood Vaccine Site
    • 1181 Golden Gate Avenue
  • Zuckerberg SF General Learning Center
    • 1001 Potrero Avenue, Building 30, 2nd floor

You can also ask other places that give vaccines and boosters, as the SFDPH recommends they give the third dose as well.

Mix or match

If you got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

  • For most situations you should get Pfizer or Moderna for your booster and third dose
  • This is recommended by both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH)

If you got the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine

  • You can mix your booster so you get a different brand of mRNA vaccine
  • Or you can match it and keep the brand the same

Ask your doctor or the healthcare professional giving you your booster which is best for you.


Last updated January 26, 2022