Get LGBTQ community services during the coronavirus outbreak

Rental assistance, legal help, and other resources for LGBTQ youth and community.

Housing and rental assistance

Catholic Charities 

For people who are HIV/AIDS positive. 

Get partial rental subsidies for individuals and families. The maximum subsidy is $250.00 for single adults $350.00 for families.

Call 415-972- 1335.


For disabled individuals. Get counseling and support for the Housing Planning Program.

Call Michael Scarce at 415-972-0873 for phone counseling.

Q Foundation

Rental assistance for back rent, security deposit, and rental subsidies for seniors, disabled adults, HIV+ households, families living in SRO’s, and mixed immigration status families in public housing. Especially targeting the underserved gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities.

Apply online at

Or call our phone intake line at 415-552-3244 staffed with live support specialists during business hours.


For people who identify as transgender. Get rental assistance, transitional housing and navigation, advocacy and provider training.

Email Akira Jackson

Call 311 and specify need for Transgender focus


Housing and services for LGBTQ+ seniors, and seniors (of any age) can phone to request check-ins.

Call 415-296-8995.

Legal services

AIDS Legal Referral Panel

Call 415-701-1200​​​​​​.

Oasis Legal Services

For LGBTQA+ immigrants who live in the geographical area that is served by the San Francisco Asylum Office.

Call 510-666-6687.

Transgender Law Center

Legal resources and litigation for the TGNC community. Hosting national calls for trans leaders and organizations on Facebook Live.

Their helpline is open. Call 510-587-9696.

Resources for LGBTQ youth

TAY Youth (ages 18 to 24) who are marginally housed, shelterless, or need in-person services, can receive help from these organizations.

Larkin Street Engagement & Community Center

Email Melville Gilcrest at  or Charieke Robinson at 

134 Golden Gate Ave
Monday to Friday 9 am to 2 pm

3rd Street Youth Center and Clinic

1728 Bancroft Avenue
Monday to Friday 1 pm to 5 pm

Homeless Youth Alliance Roving locations

Call 415-318-6384
Monday to Friday 10 am to 6 pm


Emergency services and hotline available, legal resources, video and phone support in connecting to resources.


Health resources

Unemployed workers have access to health care through Covered California

Undocumented workers still have access to health care through Healthy San Francisco

Community United Against Violence (CUAV)

Call the 24-hr Crisis Line at 415-333-HELP or 415-333-4357.

Dimension Clinic

Health services for LGBTQ+ Youth in San Francisco.


Call 628-270-5700.

Trans Lifeline

Trans-led peer support and crisis hotline for the Trans Community and COVID-19 support during crisis if you need someone to talk to.


Call 877-565-8860.

APIENC (API Equality - Northern California)

Social and emotional support for transgender, non-binary, and queer Asians and Pacific Islanders.


Call 415-274-6760.

Behavioral Health Services

Peer support program for transgender women of color.  

Weekly support group via zoom on Monday nights at 5 pm.  

New clients can contact Toni via text at 510-731-7980.

El/La Para TransLatinas

Resources and services for trans Latinas.


Call 415-864-7278 for services via telephone.

Lyon-Martin Health Services

Health services for cis women and trans people.

In-person appointments for urgent needs only. Limited number of COVID-19 test kits available. Routine visits via phone or telehealth. No mental health groups currently. Tuesday night meals are still available.


Call 415-565-7667.

SF AIDS Foundation

Services for communities most impacted by HIV.

Limited services at 6th St Harm Reduction Center, Strut, and mobile syringe sites.


Call 415-487-3000.

For TransLife check-ins, email Joaquin Meza at  

SF Community Health Center

Health services for LGBTQ and people of color.

Clinic open for urgent care needs. Very limited COVID-19 screening kits available. 

Dental services available for urgent needs only. No routine appointments or cleanings.

Call 415-292-3400 for behavioral services.

TRANS:THRIVE (part of SF Community Health Center) 

Health services and events for trans/GNC community, Access program for trans women of color with HIV ongoing. Virtual group meetings.

Call 415-292-3400.

St. James Infirmary

Occupational health and safety clinic for sex workers. 

Limited medical services and supplies available. Mental health appointments by phone or video.


Call 415-554-8494.

Get general help and connecting to other services

SF Human Rights Commission

Discrimination Division supports LGBTQ folks who are discriminated against in housing, employment, and public accommodations. 


Call 323-494-6399.

SF LGBT Center

Providing some services and appointments remotely via phone or Zoom.


Call 415-865-5661.   

SF Office of Transgender Initiatives

Advancing equity for trans, GNC, LGBTQ San Franciscans. 

Contact to share needs and updates on services for LGBTQ community.


Call 415-671-3073

TAJA's Coalition   

Service linkage and referrals for TGNC. Follow-ups and inquiries are conducted via telephone.


Call 510-776-5059.  

TGI Justice Project

Resources for TGNC and intersex current & former prisoners.

We are also providing direct support to trans folks coming out of SF jail.


Call 415-554-8491.

The Transgender District

Creating welcoming space for trans people in the Tenderloin.



For disabled individuals interested in the Workforce Development Training program.

Contact Dennis Reilly at 415-972-0819 or for counseling.

National services

The LGBT National Help Center

Call the LGBT National Hotline at 888-843-4564

If you are 25 or younger, call the LGBT National Youth Talkline at 800-246-7743

If you are 50 and over, call the LGBT National Senior Hotline at 888-843-4564

LGBT one-to-one online chat, all ages

Trevor Project

For LGBTQ Youth 13 to 24 years old.

Call the Mental Health Hotline at 1-866-488-7386.

Translife Line

For the Trans and Gender Variant Community.

Call the Mental Health Hotline at 877-565-8860.

National Center for Lesbian Rights

For LGBTQ people anywhere in the country (including youth, parents, students, workers, elders, athletes, conversion therapy survivors, immigrants, asylum seekers, incarcerated people)

Contact their Legal Helpline by emailing

Call 1-800-528-6257 or 415-392-6257.

Volunteer to help LGBTQ causes


Connecting Bay Area volunteers with LGBTQ+ causes.


Call 510-863-4879.

Mon Ami

In partnership with the City & County of San Francisco.

Volunteer matching with seniors who are isolated and need help.

Call 650-267-2474.

Last updated October 16, 2020