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Emails from the Census Bureau

The Census Bureau will send emails to households that have not responded to the 2020 Census.

The Census is for everyone

The 2020 Census asks nine questions. The questions are on the number of people are living in your household and their age, race, sex, and ethnicity.

Anyone can answer online, by phone, or by mail. Do the census now.

You may get an email from the Census Bureau

If you have not responded to the 2020 Census, you may get an email from the U.S. Census Bureau from now through September. The email is a reminder to fill out the census.

How to identify a Census Bureau email

Official emails from the Census Bureau will come from You can unsubscribe for future messages at any time.

What to do if you get an email

You may get an email if you live in a neighborhood with low census response rates (50% or less). 

If you have not done the census, follow the link in the email to fill it out. If you have already completed the Census, that’s great! You do not need to take any further action. 

If you do not complete the census online, by phone or by mail, a Census Bureau worker may come to your door to help you. Census workers may come to your home if you have not started or completed your census by August, 2020.

Do the Census

If you do the Census online or by phone today, a census worker is less likely to visit your home to get your response.

Count yourself in today. Visit or call 844-330-2020 to get started.

Need help? Visit for information in your language.

Last updated August 03, 2020