Draw your premises diagram

As a cannabis business applying for a permit, you must submit a plan of your location with your application.

We will send your premises diagram to the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD).

See details about premises diagram requirements in Article 1609(b)(16)

Create a scaled diagram of your business

The diagram must:

  • Be black and white
  • Include all dimensions
  • Have separate floors on different sheets of paper
  • Label each floor, such as “basement”, “first floor”, “second floor”
  • Tell us what each room will be used for

Identify boundaries for:

  • The entire property
  • Entrances
  • Exits
  • Temporary and permanent walls
  • Rooms
  • Common or shared entryways
  • Limited access areas where cannabis will be stored

Show any locations for:

  • Where cannabis waste will be securely stored
  • Your fireproof safe, for all businesses except for testing labs
  • All security cameras, numbered for identification
  • Where security video recordings will be stored
  • Areas shared with other cannabis businesses, such as hallways, lobbies, bathrooms, or break areas
  • Cannabis processing areas
  • Cannabis product packaging areas
  • Composting areas
  • Odor ventilation systems, including air filters

Describe where cannabis related activity will happen

For example:

  • Infusion and extraction
  • Storage
  • Batch sampling
  • Shipment loading or unloading
  • Loading for deliveries
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Customer sales
  • Cultivation
  • Processing

Shared space

If you share a space with another cannabis business:

  • Show entrances and walls for all businesses

If you share a space with a noncannabis business:

  • Only include a premises diagram for your cannabis business
  • Describe what the noncannabis business does

Extra requirements depending on what you do at your business

Storefront retail businesses must show a designated area for medical cannabis customer consultation.

Retail business with consumption permits must show the consumption lounge area.

Businesses that will do deliveries must show areas where:

  • Cannabis products will be packed, taken to vehicles, and returned by the drivers
  • Delivery vehicles will be parked at the premises while being loaded

Cultivation business premises diagrams must show:

  • All roads and water crossings
  • Canopy areas that will contain mature plants, (including square footage by individual plant and total area with shelving)
  • Areas outside the canopy that will contain immature plants
  • Where pesticides and other agricultural chemicals will be stored
  • Where harvested cannabis will be stored
  • Where mature cannabis plants will be bred for seeds
  • Areas for research and development
  • Lighting for the canopy areas, including locations and wattage

You must include a water management diagram, if you are diverting from a body of water. The water management diagram must show:

  • Rain catchment systems
  • Diversion points
  • Pump locations
  • Distribution systems
  • Storage unit locations, types, and capacity

Nonvolatile manufacturing businesses sharing space with another manufacturer must show:

  • Where cannabis products will be manufactured, stored, and processed by the business sharing your space
Last updated September 18, 2019