Community Supervision and Specialized Service Division

Our division helps people who experience domestic violence and young adults ages between 18 and 25.

Our division has three units:

  • Domestic Violence 
  • Transitional Aged Youth (TAY)
  • Supervision Unit 6

Domestic Violence

Our main goal is to promote victim safety. We supervise people on probation for:

  • Domestic violence
  • Stalking
  • Child abuse offenses

We help change our clients' behavior through effective programs. We also certify and monitor batterers intervention programs.

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    Transitional Aged Youth (TAY)

    This unit help at-risk young adults ages of 18 to 25 who live in areas targeted as “hot zones” by SFPD. Our services include:

    • Mental health
    • Education
    • Barrier removal
    • Cognitive behavioral programs

    We support the Young Adult Court. We are also a partner in the Interrupt, Predict and Organize (IPO) violence prevention program.

    The IPO Program

    The IPO Program is a 12-month program that includes service such as:

    • Employment
    • Education
    • Mental health

    You can participate in job readiness training (JRT) through a community-based organization.

    If you successfully complete the JRT, we will help you get jobs at the following City departments:

    • Recreation and Parks
    • Department of Public Health
    • San Francisco Public Works

    IPO Employment Program Video

    Young Adult Court (YAC)

    The Young Adult Court is a collaborative program within the San Francisco Superior Court that focuses on:

    • Young Adults ages 18 to 24
    • Support, motivate and stabilize 
    • Reduce recidivism

    Supervision Unit 6

    The unit is an extension of the Community Supervision Service Division

    Same mission, vision, goals and services as the Community Supervision Service Division

    Last updated June 23, 2022