Check the status of your Legacy Business Registry application

We accept applications year-round.

We are currently prioritizing the review order of applications from businesses located in Bayview, Excelsior, Inner and Outer Sunset, Portola, Visitation Valley, and other neighborhoods where we don't have as many registered Legacy Businesses. We will review all other applications in the order that we get them.

We will contact you by email when we begin reviewing your application materials.

After you submit your application, we review it and help edit it. We process applications in groups of 5-10.

Then we send it to two commissions for approval:

  1. Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)
  2. Small Business Commission (SBC)

From the time you apply, it can take a few months for approval.

Applications being reviewed

These applications were recommended by HPC on November 16, 2022, and will be heard by SBC on December 12, 2022:

  1. Mary Elizabeth Inn
  2. Canton Bazaar
  3. Chinatown Kite Shop
  4. Life
  5. Artisans of San Francisco
  6. Peking Restaurant

These applications will be heard by HPC on December 7, 2022, and by SBC on January 9, 2023:

  1. Bloomers
  2. Caffe Greco
  3. Developing Environments

These applications will be reviewed next:

  1. La Mejor Bakery - REVIEWED
  2. Love on Haight, always Positively Haight Street - IN REVIEW
  3. The Dubliner - REVIEWED
  4. Mr. Bing's - REVIEWED
  5. Design Media - REVIEWED
  6. Tony Nik's Cafe - REVIEWED
  7. Peña Pachamama - REVIEWED
  8. Dragon Seed Bridal/Photography - REVIEWED
  9. The Blue Light
  10. The Homestead
  11. Playmates Cooperative Preschool
  12. Pirro's Pizzeria
  13. Guerra Quality Meats
  14. Mendels/Far Out Fabrics

Applications that are eligible in 2023

  1. AcroSports
  2. Maitri

Applications that are eligible in future years

  1. Scarlet Sage Herb Company
  2. Southern Exposure

Applications that are pending documentation

  1. P.G. Molinari & Sons, Inc.
  2. Complete Financial
  3. Work of Art Catering
  4. Casa Guadalupe Supermarket
  5. Il Pollaio Restaurant
  6. AA Bakery & Cafe
  7. Enclosures International
  8. Simple Pleasures Cafe
  9. Shanghai Kelly's Saloon
  10. Nihonmachi Street Fair, Inc.
  11. On the Bridge Restaurant
  12. Santino's Vino
  13. Kir Dental
Last updated December 9, 2022