Bid opportunities

Learn about bid and funding opportunities from the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD)

Before you bid

Becoming a service vendor in the City and County of San Francisco (City) is a competitive process. To work with OEWD, you must qualify to do business with the City before receiving funds.

The first step to begin working with the City is to become a Registered Bidder. Next, you can apply to become a Fully Compliant Supplier. Once you are a supplier, you may submit bids on City contracts.

Learn more about the steps to becoming a City supplier.

Current OEWD bid opportunities

Request for Proposals 224 - Economic Development Grants
Implementation of economic recovery programs

Request for Proposals 223 - Economic and Workforce Development Grants
Implementation of economic and workforce development programs

Request for Proposals 222 - Economic and Workforce Development Grants
Administration of sector-based economic and workforce development programs

Request for Proposals 221 - Consultant Services for COVID-19 Economic Impact Analysis
Economic research and analysis of employment trends in key industries

Request for Proposals 220 - Economic Development Grants for Cultural Programming
Economic support for neighborhood activation activities centered on Asian American/Pacific Islander and Latino arts and culture

Request for Proposals 123 - Workforce Development System Design
Development and implementation of workforce services to job seekers experiencing homelessnesss

Request for Proposals 219 - Economic Development Grants
Economic support to expand opportunity, sustain community institutions, and revitalize public spaces

Request for Proposals 218 - Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative - Real Estate Acquisition and Capital Needs Assessment Grant
Technical assistance to nonprofits for expenses related to acquisition planning and capital needs assessment

Request for Proposals 217 - Economic Development Ambassador Grants
Economic support for the Mid-Market/Tenderloin and downtown neighborhoods

Request for Proposals 216 - Dream Keeper Initiative - African American Economic Development Investment
Economic support for black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs

Request for Proposals 122 - Building Back Stronger
Support for essential workforce services

Request for Proposals 215
Economic support from the Invest in Neighborhoods (IIN) and Business Development divisions

For a listing of active bid opportunities throughout the City and County of San Francisco, visit the Office of Contract Administration's Bids and Contracts Database.

Last updated August 11, 2022