Get verification for your COVID-19 vaccine status

Store your CDC vaccine card in a safe place. If you lose your card, see your options.

What to do

Store your CDC vaccine card in a safe place, with other important documents. Share your COVID-19 vaccine information with your healthcare provider. Take a photo or make a copy of your vaccine card.

If you lost your CDC card before getting a second dose, you can ask for a replacement card when you get your second dose.

If you lose your CDC card after you get your final dose, there are several options to get a replacement card or get your vaccination record.

1 . Replace your CDC card where you got vaccinated

Contact the clinic or health provider where you were vaccinated. Ask for a replacement card. They will have a record of your vaccine there.

For Moscone, visit the Help Desk inside the Moscone Center. They can give you a new card.

For City College, call 855-970-0077. Tell them the dates you were vaccinated. They can mail you a new card.

2. Get your immunization history through your healthcare provider

If you shared your vaccination information with your healthcare provider, they should have your vaccine on record.

You can look it up yourself, in your online health record under the immunization history section. If you don’t see it, ask your healthcare provider how to access your COVID-19 vaccine record. 

You can also ask your healthcare provider if they can check the California Immunization Registry (CAIR). They should have a record of when and where you got your vaccine.

3. Get your vaccination record directly from the State

You can get a QR code that has your COVID-19 vaccine information. Save the QR code as an image on your smartphone.

The QR code can be scanned at businesses or venues, instead of having to carry and show your CDC vaccine card.

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Last updated June 18, 2021