Get permission for the COVID-19 vaccine if you're under 18

Those under 18 must have permission to get vaccinated and boosted

What to do

Check your vaccine site for any requirements ahead of going to get vaccinated.

You can call the COVID-19 warmline at 628-652-2700 for questions about the three options below.

Bring a parent or guardian with you

You can verify you have permission from your parent or guardian if you bring them with you to get vaccinated or boosted.


Get a permission form

Contact the vaccine site you’re going to and find out if they have a permission form. Print it out and have your parent or guardian sign the form. Bring it with you when you get vaccinated.


Have the vaccine provider call your parent or guardian

Have the vaccine provider call your parent or guardian to get their permission over the phone.

If your parent or guardian says no to the vaccine, you can’t get the vaccine.

More information

See official healthcare provider guidance about consenting for minors, from the California Department of Public Health.

Last updated January 30, 2023