Get notified when you're eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine

Get a text or email when you are eligible to receive the vaccine.

What to do

Sign up to get notifications

You can get notifications for yourself or for other people.

We will ask you:

Eligibility depends on the State population prioritization plan. The plan is determined by your work, your age, and if you have certain health conditions.

You may not get a notification for months, because vaccines are in limited supply. It depends on when we get doses from the state and federal government.

You are signing up for email and text notifications. When you are eligible, you will still need to book an appointment.

After you sign up

We will send you a confirmation message that you have signed up for notifications. We’ll let you know where you are in the State’s vaccine priority list.

After you get a notification, you still need to make an appointment. Vaccine supply may still be limited. You may not be able to make an appointment right away.

Special cases

See who is eligible for the vaccine now

People eligible for the vaccine now are:

Get vaccinated if you’re eligible.

Even if you are eligible, there may not be a dose available right now. The vaccine remains in very limited supply. Keep checking for available appointments.


San Francisco City staff

Your healthcare provider will notify you when it’s time to schedule your appointment.

Who can get vaccinated when

Due to limited supply, the state has created a prioritization plan for who gets the vaccine and when. It’s based on the risk of getting COVID-19.

Get help

If you have questions about the vaccine, talk to your healthcare provider. A healthcare provider may include a doctor, nurse, or clinic you visit to get healthcare.

Last updated February 24, 2021