Find a dentist

Get basic dental services like cleaning, fillings and simple tooth removal.

What to do

Check eligibility requirements below to see what services are covered for you.

Make an appointment at your dental clinic

To make appointments, login to your MyChart account or call our call center. 

SF Health Network Call Center

You will be redirected to a dental clinic when you call this number.

Eligibility and service costs

Eligibility and service costs

For SF Health Network (SFHN) and Healthy SF members:

  • SFHN members with Medi-Cal — Basic dental services covered
  • Healthy SF participants — Emergency dental care only provided based on sliding scale fee schedule

For non-SFHN members:

  • Children — Basic dental services covered
  • Adults — Emergency dental care only with Medi-Cal or sliding scale fee schedule

Last updated October 28, 2022