Bay Area Open Data Day: Census 2020 [cancelled]

Learn about the 2020 Census, civic tech projects, census data, and more at this hands-on workshop with Code for San Francisco.


Saturday, March 7, 2020
9:00 am to 5:00 pm


Sliding scale cost of $0-$20.


  • Code for America

This event was cancelled at the discretion of its hosts. Learn more here


Every year, Code for America's civic tech community comes together to celebrate the power of open data for civic good on Open Data Day. But every ten years, we get the chance to celebrate something extra special: the U.S. Census. The Census is the “mother of all open data”: a powerful force in our civic life, and the heart of many civic data projects. But it can only happen through our collective participation.

On March 7th, the Code for America Brigades of the Bay Area - Code for San Francisco, Open Oakland, and Code for San Jose - will host a full day of open data talks, workshops, and project sessions. We aim to inspire active engagement with Census efforts, showcase the potential of Census data for civic good, provide learning opportunities, and spark new civic tech project ideas.

We invite all to participate, regardless of background, identity, skills, and interests - because when it comes to the Census, all of us count.


At this year's event, you can:

  • Help the City of SF envision the future of open data with Jason Lally, Chief Data Officer
  • Learn about Census civic tech projects happening at Open Oakland and Code for San Jose
  • Explore Census data hands-on in a beginner-friendly workshop, led by demographer Paul Chung (U.C. Berkeley/Facebook)

And more - Stay tuned for more details!