Our purpose and duties

We make sure the Our City, Our Home Fund creates permanent solutions to homelessness, mental health crisis, and housing insecurity. Listening to people experiencing homelessness tells us what works. We use data to track progress. Our work elevates transparency, racial equity, and cultural sensitivity.

Our history

San Francisco voters created the Our City, Our Home Fund in 2018. The Fund increases housing and services for people experiencing homelessness.

The Board of Supervisors established the Our City, Our Home Oversight Committee in 2019. The Committee makes sure the City uses the Fund in ways that are consistent with the intent of the voters. The Committee assesses the needs of homeless people served by the Fund. The Committee makes annual spending recommendations to the Mayor and Board of Supervisors. The voices of people experiencing homelessness guide the Committee's work. The Committee promotes transparency and cultural sensitivity in the implementation of the Fund.

The Controller’s Office provides administrative support to the Committee.