The Food Security Task Force

The Food Security Task Force was created by the Board of Supervisors with the purpose of making recommendations on policies and programs to improve food security.


The Food Security Task Force (FSTF) is an advisory body to the Board of Supervisors and is charged with the responsibility of creating a city-wide plan for addressing food security as detailed by the Administrative Code Article X. The group tracks vital data regarding hunger and food security including the utilization and demand for federal food programs, community-based organizations, meal programs, and programs targeting particular populations.


FSTF Members

  • Seat 1 - Jeimil Belamide (Human Service Agency/CalFresh)
  • Seat 2 - Priti Rane (SFDPH Maternal Child and Adolescent Services/Nutrition)
  • Seat 3 - Tiffany Kearney (Department of Disability and Aging Services)
  • Seat 4 - Paula Jones (SFDPH Food Security)
  • Seat 5 - Michelle Kim (SF Department of Children Youth and Families)
  • Seat 6 - Emily Cohen (SF Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing)
  • Seat 7 - Mei Ling Hui (SF Recreation and Park)
  • Seat 8 - Hannah Smith (SF Unified School District)
  • Seat 9 - Cissie Bonini (UCSF Vouchers4Veggies/EatSF)
  • Seat 10 - Anne Quaintance (Conard House)
  • Seat 11 - Chester Williams Jr. (Community Living Campaign)
  • Seat 12 - Austin M. Dalmasso (Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation)
  • Seat 13 - Earl Barbee Campbell (Glide SF)
  • Seat 14 - Guillermo Reece (SF African American Faith-Based Coalition)
  • Seat 15 - Jade Quinzon- (Asian Pacific Islander Council)
  • Seat 16 - Meg Davidson (SF Marin Food Ban)
  • Seat 17 - Reagan Sales (Children's Council of SF)
  • Seat 18 - Open
  • Seat 19 - Open
  • Seat 20 - Geoffrey Grier (SF Recovery Theatre) 

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