Equity Training

General and specialized trainings on race, racism and health equity.

Equity Learning Series

What to Expect

  • Virtual 4-5x/month
  • 1 hour in length
  • Articles, videos, and stories with discussion guides
  • Small and large group discussions


  • To normalize conversations about race
  • To create a shared understanding/vocabulary
  • To help staff see their own role in addressing inequity
  • To develop ways that Health Equity can be incorporated into DPH practices

Highest Attended ELS Sessions 2020-21

  • A conversation on race and privilege with Angela Davis and Jane Elliott​​
  • A discussion of Critical Race Theory
  • White Pride vs, Black Pride. Why is the gay community so segregated?
  • A Conversation about Black and Asian Solidarity

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General Trainings

Web-based trainings available on Staff Employee Portal

  • Introduction to Health Equity
  • Introduction to Implicit Bias

Specialized Trainings

Health Equity Impact Assessment

Downloadable guide for identifying clear equity goals, objectives, and outcomes for programs or contracts. Used for presentations to the Health Commission.

Anti-Racism, Equitable and Inclusive Fellowship

A 5-month cohort-based learning community that equips staff with the skills, tools, and practices to advance equity, anti-racism, and inclusion at SFDPH.

2021 Racial Equity Champions

Equity Champions engage in trainings, program and skill development to shift workplace culture and advance equity in their work.