Get the COVID-19 vaccine now

Everyone 5 and older can get vaccinated.

All the vaccines are proven to be highly effective at preventing hospitalization or death from COVID-19.

What you need to know


Everyone 5 and older can get the vaccine now.


People under 18 can only get the Pfizer vaccine. However, not all sites will have the Pfizer vaccine. Check when you book.


People under 18 should get permission from a parent or guardian to be vaccinated. Learn more.


Get vaccinated if you live, work, or learn in San Francisco.

Vaccines & boosters

There are 3 COVID-19 vaccines available now: Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson (Janssen). Pfizer is now fully approved by the FDA.


Both Pfizer and Moderna require 2 doses, several weeks apart. You must go to 2 appointments. With all vaccines, you will be fully vaccinated 2 weeks after your final dose.


The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a single shot. If you got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, you are fully vaccinated.


Booster are recommended and open to everyone 12 and older.

Where to get the vaccine

Make an appointment with your doctor or at a nearby pharmacy or vaccine site. Though some sites might take drop-ins, people with appointments have priority.


You can also get vaccinated at community vaccine events or some community clinics.


You can ride Muni or Paratransit for free, to and from your appointment. See SF guidance on traveling on public transit.


Take Lyft or Uber for free, to and from getting your vaccine. Use the app to find a ride. See details from Lyft or Uber.

After the vaccine

You must wear a mask indoors in public spaces, even if you are fully vaccinated. 


Follow masking guidelines after getting the vaccine.


Store your CDC vaccine card in a safe place. If you lose your card, see your options.

When your immune system is compromised

If your immune system is moderately or severely compromised, you may need an extra dose of the vaccine. This extra dose may not be the same as a booster. Talk to your doctor.

How vaccines work

The vaccine teaches our cells to make harmless proteins that look like the virus.  Your immune system recognizes that this protein does not belong, and builds an immune response to get rid of it.


Your immune system can then fight the real virus if you are exposed later.


Learn more about COVID-19 vaccines from the CDC.

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Get Vaccinated, San Francisco!

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The vaccine is one of the most important ways to end the pandemic. When you can, step up for your health, the health of your loved ones, and of your community.


It's time San Francisco to roll up our sleeves and get down to the business of saving lives.

If we're a community in immunity...


They are safe and effective.

Millions of people have  already gotten the vaccine.


There is no COVID virus in the vaccine and no preservatives either.

The side effects don't last that long.

We miss our friends and family.


We need to get back to normal so we can play ball again!

Show off our Pride!


Dance in the Saint Patrick's Day parade, Juneteenth.

Honor our Italian roots.

Eat at our favorite restaurants.

Cook for our favorite people.

So we can travel and resume our adventures.

But we can't, unless we do this together.

So sign up and line up.


Hit me with your best shot.

So hit me with your best shot, baby!


Crush COVID-19. Get the vaccine.


It's our best shot to end the pandemic. Together.

Let's heal San Francisco.

Join the vacciNATION

Get this thing done!

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