Check what kinds of businesses qualify for 30-day review

A 30-day review is available for some businesses depending on location and type of business.

What to do

Check these limitations to see if your business qualifies for 30-day review under Prop H.

Location limitation

To qualify for a 30-day review under Prop H, business must be located in a Neighborhood Commercial District.

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Kinds of businesses

Some types of business are not eligible for a 30-day review under Prop H. These include but are not limited to:

  • Massage uses
  • Cannabis uses
  • Wireless Telecommunication Uses
  • Adult Businesses

Chain stores

Stores with 11 or more worldwide locations do not qualify for 30-day review.

Physical changes

These projects are not eligible for 30-day review under Prop H:

  • Projects that expand the footprint of the building
  • Projects that expand the interior square footage of the business
  • New buildings
  • Projects that include excavation

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Last updated January 25, 2021